To enrich the local economic territory and wider East Midlands region by creating abundance through business re-education.


As our company logo the Koru symbolises: new life, growth, strength and peace, we want to allow business owners to grow a business that functions at a level to allow fulfilment of their businesses and personal life goals.

We achieve this by delivering proven high-quality, world class coaching whilst creating a network of like-minded people who want to learn, grow and share.

We are a team of honest, positive and successful people who work to our points of culture to ensure those we meet and work with are enriched and move towards achieving their goals.

We are focussed on educating our clients in word class marketing and business development techniques through “one to one” coaching as well as using seminars, workshops, simple workbooks as well as audio, CDs, books and other technologies. Our products and services are of the highest quality but also appropriate to each client’s individual need. We will educate by creating a learning environment which enables growth but will always ensure the client receives value for money and enjoys some fun along the way.

Our clients are selected based on attitude, desire and the commitment to have us help them achieve their goals, rather than size. They are be willing to learn and grow and work as a team player in building an organisation of “people” to achieve their ultimate business freedom.


Our Points of Culture

  1. Commitment – we give 100% commitment to delivering success to our clients and expect 100% participation in return.
  2. Integrity – we always speak the truth and deliver what we promise.
  3. Excellence – we deliver services of exceptional quality and that will add value to all involved in the long term.
  4. Education – we are consistently learning and growing to help our others grow and impart practical and usable knowledge rather than theory.
  5. Fun – we embrace a positive, creative and fun atmosphere so all around us enjoy the journey
  6. Balance – quality time with family and yourself to renew and to stay fit and healthy are equally as important as financial and intellectual time to give a balanced approach to life